Unsplash+ Terms

These are additional subscription terms (the “Subscription Terms”) between you and Unsplash Inc. (“Unsplash”) that modify the Unsplash Terms and Conditions found at https://unsplash.com/terms (the “Unsplash T&Cs”). Together, the Subscription Terms and the Unsplash T&Cs form your “Unsplash+ Agreement” and apply only to the content marked ‘Unsplash+’ on the website (e.g., in the watermark or on the asset detail page). In the event of any conflict between the Unsplash T&Cs and the Subscription Terms, these Subscription Terms shall take priority.

Unsplash+ Content

Provided you have an active Unsplash+ subscription, you may download an unlimited number of items of content from the Unsplash+ collection (the “Unsplash+ Content”).

Usage Rights

You may use Unsplash+ Content in any way that is not restricted or prohibited by the Unsplash+ Agreement; subject to those terms, the rights granted to you by Unsplash are:

  • Perpetual, meaning there is no expiration or end date on your rights to use the Unsplash+ Content downloaded during your Unsplash+ subscription.
  • Non-exclusive, meaning that you do not have exclusive rights to use the Unsplash+ Content. Unsplash can license the same Unsplash+ Content to other customers.
  • Worldwide, meaning Unsplash+ Content can be used by you in any geographic territory.
  • Unlimited, meaning you can use Unsplash+ Content in an unlimited number of projects and in any media.
  • Revocable, meaning Unsplash may revoke your license in accordance with the section “Termination” below.
  • Non-Transferable and Non-Sublicensable, meaning you cannot transfer or sublicense your rights to anyone else; this also means that only one individual (the account user) may access, license, and use the Unsplash+ Content. You may allow subcontractors (e.g., your printers or distributors) to use Unsplash+ Content on your behalf in any production or distribution process related to your end use, but they cannot store or use the Unsplash+ Content for any other purpose.

License Restrictions

In addition to any restrictions in the Unsplash T&Cs, the following terms also apply to the Unsplash+ Content you download:

  • Limited Print Run. The following print caps apply for using Unsplash+ Content in any goods or services intended for resale other distribution, where the primary value of your product is in the Unsplash+ Content itself:
    • Up to 100,000 postcards, greeting cards, other stationery, stickers, or other paper products
    • Up to 10,000 posters or calendars or other similar publications, mugs, mousepads, or other décor (excluding artwork)
    • Up to 2,000 t-shirts, sweatshirts or other apparel, games, toys, or entertainment items, framed or mounted artwork
  • No Electronic Templates. Unsplash+ Content cannot be used in electronic or digital templates intended for resale or other distribution (e.g., templates for websites, social media layouts, business cards, brochures, or greeting cards).
  • No Machine Learning, AI, or Biometric Technology Use. Unsplash+ Content (including captions, keywords or other metadata) cannot be used for any machine learning and/or artificial intelligence purposes, or for any technologies designed for or intended for the identification of natural persons; Unsplash does not represent or warrant that consent has been obtained for such uses by individuals depicted in any content.
  • No Sensitive Use Without Disclaimer. If Unsplash+ Content (featuring models or property) is used in connection with a subject that would be unflattering or unduly controversial to a reasonable person (for example, sexually transmitted diseases), you must indicate: (a) such content is used for illustrative purposes only, and (b) any person depicted in such content is a model. For example, you could say: "Stock photo. Posed by model". No disclaimer is required if Unsplash+ Content is being used in a non-misleading editorial (meaning descriptive purposes or general public interest) manner.
  • No Storing on Shared Drives. You may store Unsplash+ Content on individual devices or individual cloud files, but you cannot store Unsplash+ Content on a shared server, shared asset library, or other digital asset management system.

Unsplash+ Warranty

Your use of Unsplash+ Content in accordance the Unsplash+ Agreement and in the form delivered by Unsplash will not infringe on any copyright, moral right, or other intellectual property right and will not violate any right of privacy or right of publicity; and all necessary model and/or property releases for use of the Unsplash+ Content in the manner authorized by the Unsplash+ Agreement have been obtained, however, you are solely responsible for any modifications made to the Unsplash+ Content (the “Unsplash+ Warranty”).

Note that along with the disclaimers in the Unsplash T&Cs, Unsplash does not warrant the accuracy of any keywords, captions, titles, or other metadata provided with the Unsplash+ Content. Except as provided in the Unsplash+ Warranty, Unsplash+ Content is provided "as is" without representation, warranty or condition of any kind, either express or implied. The Unsplash+ Warranty does not apply to any content licensed through the Unsplash website that is not designated as Unsplash+ Content.


Provided Unsplash+ Content is used in accordance with the terms of the Unsplash+ Agreement, and you are not in breach of the Unsplash+ Agreement, as your sole and exclusive remedy for any breach of the Unsplash+ Warranty, Unsplash agrees to indemnify and hold harmless you, (including your parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates and each of your respective officers, directors and employees) from all damages, liabilities and expenses arising out of or in connection with any breach or alleged breach by Unsplash of the Unsplash+ Warranty. This indemnification does not apply to the extent any damages, costs or losses arise out of or are a result of modifications made by you to the Unsplash+ Content or the context in which the Unsplash+ Content is used by you. This indemnification does not apply to your continued use of Unsplash+ Content following notice from Unsplash or upon your knowledge that the Unsplash+ Content is subject to a third-party infringement claim.

Unsplash’s total maximum aggregate liability to you shall not exceed US $10,000 per item of Unsplash+ Content, no matter how many times you use that item of Unsplash+ Content or download the same item of Unsplash+ Content from Unsplash. You must promptly notify Unsplash in writing about any claim related to the Unsplash+ Warranty. Unsplash has the right to assume the handling, settlement or defence of any claim or litigation, in which case you agree to cooperate in any way reasonably requested by Unsplash. Unsplash will not be liable for legal costs including attorney fees and other costs incurred prior to you giving notice of the claim for which indemnity is sought.

Except as expressly amended by these Subscription Terms, the remainder of the Unsplash T&Cs with respect to Unsplash’s liability to you, and your liability to Unsplash, shall remain in full force and effect. In order to provide the indemnity to you under this section, you understand and agree that all licenses to the Unsplash+ Content provided to you are revocable licenses.

Renewal, Fees and Taxes

  • Your Unsplash+ subscription will automatically renew, you authorize Unsplash to charge, and you agree to pay, the applicable subscription fees at the then applicable rate and taxes for the subscription according to your payment information on file. Unsplash may deactivate your subscription without prior notice if Unsplash is unable to complete a transaction using the payment information provided by you.

    • Monthly Subscribers: your monthly subscription starts upon payment confirmation and will continue for a 30-day period, it will automatically renew for subsequent 30-day periods until you cancel. Cancellation will take effect at the end of the then-current 30-day period, and you will still get to enjoy access to Unsplash+ Content until then. Monthly fees may be subject to change, but Unsplash will provide you with advance written notice of such fee changes. You may cancel prior to the fee changes, please see “Cancellation” below.

    • Annual Subscribers: Your annual subscription is paid in full, in advance, and will start upon payment confirmation and will continue for 12 months, it will automatically renew for subsequent 12-month periods. Annual fees are subject to change, but Unsplash will provide you with advance written notice of such fee changes. You may cancel at any time within a current subscription period, and such cancellation will become effective at the end of such period, please see “Cancellation” below. You will continue to have access to Unsplash+ Content until the end of your annual subscription period, after such time, access will end.

  • Unsplash+ subscription fees are exclusive of any sales tax, use tax, goods and services tax, harmonized sales tax, provincial sales tax, value added tax, or any other services taxes or levies (“transaction taxes”). You agree to pay and be responsible for all transaction taxes imposed by any jurisdiction as a result of the services provided. The parties acknowledge the fees are service-based payments which are not subject to withholding taxes, taxes deducted at source, or other in lieu of income tax payments.

Note: Unsplash reserves the right to change our subscription plans or adjust pricing for our services (all or part) in any manner and at any time, in our sole and absolute discretion. Except as otherwise expressly described in these Subscription Terms, Unsplash will give you written notice about any price changes or changes to your Unsplash+ subscription.

Cancellation, Refunds, and Termination

  • Cancellation. You may change your auto-renew preferences or cancel your Unsplash+ subscription at any time using the cancellation function or changing your auto-renew settings in your Unsplash account, as permitted under the Unsplash+ Agreement. Your cancellation will automatically update your account preferences, and you can view your Unsplash+ subscription records in your account.

  • Refunds. If you have paid for an annual Unsplash+ subscription and wish to cancel it, you are eligible for a full refund within 30 days of your invoice date, if you have not downloaded more than 5 items of Unsplash+ Content and have not made any use of downloaded Unsplash+ Content. If you have a monthly subscription, you are eligible for a full refund for the applicable month within 7 days of payment confirmation, if you have not downloaded more than 5 items of Unsplash+ Content in that month and have not made any use of that content. Please note that if you request and receive a refund, your Unsplash+ subscription will be cancelled upon issuing the refund, and your access to Unsplash+ Content will be shut off immediately. If you wish to access Unsplash+ Content again, you will need to purchase a new subscription (whether monthly, or annually) at the then-current rates.

  • Termination. Unsplash may terminate your Unsplash+ subscription at any time if you fail to comply with the terms of the Unsplash+ Agreement, in which case you must immediately cease using the Unsplash+ Content; delete or destroy any copies; and, if requested, confirm to Unsplash in writing that you have complied with these requirements.

    • Social Media Termination: If you use Unsplash+ Content on a social media platform or other third-party website and that platform or website uses (or announces that it plans to use) such content for its own standalone purposes or in a way that is contrary to the Unsplash+ Agreement, Unsplash may immediately terminate the license to such content.
    • Content Withdrawal: Unsplash may discontinue licensing any item of Unsplash+ Content at any time in its sole discretion. Upon notice from Unsplash, or upon your knowledge, that any content may be subject to a claim of infringement of a third party's right for which Unsplash may be liable, Unsplash may require you to immediately, and at your own expense: cease using the content, delete or destroy any copies; and ensure that your clients, distributors and/or employer do the same. Unsplash will provide you with replacement content (determined by Unsplash in its reasonable commercial judgment) free of charge, subject to the other terms of this Unsplash+ Agreement.