2023 Edition

Unsplash Awards

Celebrating the best of Unsplash.

Open October 1 – 31, 2023
Finalists announced November 20, 2023

The Unsplash Awards are a month-long celebration that recognizes the powerful impact that the Unsplash community has made through their generosity and artistry. Unsplash wouldn’t exist without the hundreds of thousands of contributors who freely gift their work and push creativity forward every day.

So without further ado, welcome to the 7th edition of the Unsplash Awards. You can now enter your images into 10 categories — from Nature to Experimental. And as always, we’ve invited 10 incredible guest judges to help select the featured images for each category.

This year’s prize is sponsored by Crucial. The winner in each category will receive $500 USD to use at crucial.com

How to participate

  1. Select the category you’d like to participate in, and click Submit.
  2. You can either Submit a new photo or Choose a photo from your library.
  3. If choosing a photo from your library — only photos submitted after December 1, 2022 will be eligible for this year’s Awards.

Note: All images that have been curated to the Awards topics between December 1, 2022 and October 31, 2023 are automatically submitted to this year’s Awards. All content is accepted to be submitted to the Unsplash Awards, including Unsplash+ images. The number of eligible photos will be shown under the Submit button.

Read more about our rules and regulations here.

Official Judge
Pablo Vazquez — Blender

3D Renders

Blending technology and artistry, the 3D Renders category showcases digitally rendered creations that blur the lines between reality and imagination. From architectural visualizations to fantastical worlds, this category exhibits the limitless possibilities of digital craftsmanship.
Official Judge
Joe Dix — WWF


This category pays homage to the fascinating world of animals. Photographers capture the diversity, behavior, and beauty of creatures from across the globe, bringing the animal kingdom closer to the viewer's heart and lens.
Official Judge
David Basulto — Arch Daily

Architecture & Interiors

Celebrating the artistry of spaces, this category recognizes exceptional photography that captures the essence of architectural marvels and interior designs. From sweeping cityscapes to intimate details, entrants showcase the beauty and functionality of built environments.
Official Judge
Jed Tallo — Jed Tallo Designs


The Experimental category invites photographers to push the boundaries of conventional photography. With innovative techniques, unique perspectives, and unconventional subjects, this category is a playground for artistic exploration and boundary-defying creativity.
Official Judge
Sian Parry — Elle, Esquire, Bazaar

Fashion & Beauty

In this category, photography becomes a canvas for artistic expressions of fashion and beauty. Through expertly composed images, photographers capture trends, styles, and personal statements, transforming models into walking works of art.
Official Judge
Karen Freer — Analogue Wonderland


Embracing the nostalgia and artistry of analog photography, this category pays tribute to the timeless beauty of film. Photographers capture moments with the rich textures, unique color palettes, and inherent imperfections that make film photography a cherished medium. From dreamy landscapes to intimate portraits, this category celebrates the enduring allure of capturing light on emulsion.
Official Judge
Sarah Gardner — National Geographic


Nature's wonders take center stage in this category, where photographers capture the breathtaking landscapes, diverse flora and fauna, and mesmerizing natural phenomena that adorn our planet. From grand vistas to macro shots, these images transport viewers into the heart of the great outdoors.
Official Judge
Josue Rivas — Indigena


People are the focal point of this category, where photographers skillfully depict the human experience. From candid moments to formal portraits, this category showcases the myriad emotions, cultures, and stories that define us.
Official Judge
Viviane Labelle — Nike


From adrenaline-fueled moments of victory to the camaraderie among athletes, this category celebrates the captivating world of sports photography. Showcasing both intensity and emotion, photographers freeze-frame the essence of competition, highlighting the dedication and spirit that define sports worldwide.
Official Judge
Karin Mueller — Conde Nast Traveller


Embark on a visual journey around the globe with this category, as photographers capture the essence of exploration and wanderlust. Through vibrant street scenes and immersive cultural experiences, the Travel category showcases the beauty and diversity of destinations near and far.
Official Judge
Unsplash Community

Photo of 2023

We’ve teamed up with 10 community panelists to create a collection that represents 10 of the most impactful images on Unsplash from 2023. And now, we’d love to hear from you. Vote for the image that resonates most with you, and the one with the most votes will be selected for the Photo of 2023 Award.