2022 Edition

Unsplash Awards

Celebrating the best of Unsplash.

Open November 1 – 30, 2022
Finalists announced December 15, 2022

The Unsplash Awards are a month-long celebration that recognizes the powerful impact that the Unsplash community has made through their generosity and artistry. Unsplash wouldn’t exist without the thousands of contributors who freely gift their work and push creativity forward every day.

We can’t wait to make the 6th Edition of the Unsplash Awards the best yet. So without further ado: you can now enter your images into 11 categories — from Street Photography to Experimental. And as always, we’ve invited amazing guest judges to help select the featured images for each category.

This year’s prize is sponsored by Bluescape. The winner in each category will receive an annual subscription to Bluescape and a cash prize of $500 USD.

How to participate

  1. Select the category you’d like to participate in, and click Submit.
  2. You can either Submit a new photo or Choose a photo from your library.
  3. If choosing a photo from your library — only photos submitted after November 1, 2021 will be eligible for this year’s Awards.

Note: All images that have been curated to the Awards topics between November 1, 2021 and November 30, 2022 are automatically submitted to this year’s Awards. All content is accepted to be submitted to the Unsplash Awards, including Unsplash+ images. The number of eligible photos will be shown under the Submit button.

Read more about our rules and regulations here.

Official Judge
Pablo Vazquez — Blender

3D Renders

The Unsplash community continues to push the boundaries of creativity through 3D Renders. From abstract worlds to photo-realistic interiors, this category celebrates exciting 3-dimensional images designed in the software of your choice and rendered into JPEG images.
Official Judge
David Basulto — Arch Daily

Architecture & Interiors

Exploring our built environments — from brutalist buildings to eccentric home decor. This category showcases the best of architecture and interiors from around the world.
Official Judge
Viviane Labelle — Nike


This category celebrates action in the every day — from the tough gym workouts, to tense basketball games, to the extreme heights of heliskiing. Get up close and personal with the raw emotions of the athlete, the frenzy of the court crowd, and the danger of challenging outdoor pursuits.
Official Judge
Freddie Sloan — Hello! Magazine

Current Events

Photographs influence how we understand the world around us. This category is all about capturing those news-worthy moments around the globe — from political protests to cultural celebrations. When submitting, please provide a photo description so we understand the full context of the image.
Official Judge
Dr. Manel Torres — Fabrican Limited


Photography has the ability to challenge perspectives and reimagine how we portray the world around us. This category explores unlikely textures, new formats and intriguing subject matter to push creativity forward.
Official Judge
Daniela Paudice — Vogue

Fashion & Beauty

Fashion and Beauty are a powerful form of self-expression. This category documents style through inspiring shots of street fashion, skincare products, avant-garde editorial photographs, and more.
Official Judge
Karen Freer — Analogue Wonderland


Let’s honor the beginnings of photography by celebrating analog from the past and present day. From vintage polaroids to mesmerizing 35mm shots — this category examines the best of what film photography has to offer.
Official Judge
Sana Javeri Kadri — Diaspora Co.

Food & Drink

From simple home-cooked dinners at home, to tasting new dishes while traveling — food connects us all. This category examines the world of food photography, with shots of everything from summer picnics in the park to decadent deserts.
Official Judge
Josh Raab — National Geographic


Through photography, the beauty of Mother Nature can be frozen in time. This category celebrates the magic of our planet and beyond — from the immensity of the great outdoors, to miraculous moments in your own backyard.
Official Judge
Jed Tallo — Jed Tallo


Real people, captured. Photography has the power to reflect the world around us, give voice to individuals and groups within our communities — and most importantly — tell their story.
Official Judge
Emma Davdison — Dazed

Street Photography

When the streets around you become your canvas, what can you discover? From quiet passages in charming towns to the hustle and bustle of larger cities — this category examines street photography in every form.
Official Judge
Unsplash Community

Photo of 2022

We’ve teamed up with 11 community panelists to create a collection that represents 11 of the most impactful images on Unsplash from 2022. And now, we’d love to hear from you. Vote for the image that resonates most with you, and the one with the most votes will be selected for the Photo of 2022 Award.


The results are in. Celebrate this year’s finalists!
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Photo by Radoslav Bali