Partnerships · July 28, 2020

Unsplash + Instasize

Alex Begin Alex Begin

There’s no denying social media has a certain hold on us. If you’re anything like me, you go to sleep scrolling through Instagram, only to wake up and check what you’ve missed while you were sleeping. And as we interact with it daily, we often try to balance the two worlds that Instagram is a part of — as both a place for documenting what’s happening in the here & now, while also showcasing our creativity and unique take on the world around us.

That’s where Instasize comes in. A photo editor and video editing toolkit built for creatives, Instasize helps you easily edit photos and videos without taking away from the immediacy of the platform itself. With Instasize, you don’t need to spend hours retouching or designing an Instagram story that you’re happy with. Instead, you can easily edit photos and videos with the help of their photo filters, picture borders and collage tools.

Instasize allows you to strike the balance between making creative content that shows off your aesthetic without it feeling time-consuming (because after all, the whole point of Instagram is to share).

And now,  with nearly 2 million visuals from the Unsplash library available directly in Instasize — your creative potential is endless. In just a few simple taps, you can find the perfect images for your next Instagram story. From there you can enhance the image, add borders, or create unique collages to truly showcase your perspective.

More on Unsplash Partnerships. This is part of our continued mission to enable creativity by making quality visuals openly accessible.

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