Partnerships · April 03, 2024

Unsplash Community celebrates Earth Hour

Together, we created the Biggest Hour for Earth

Natalie Brennan
Natalie Brennan

In March we launched an Earth Hour topic, in collaboration with Earth Hour, to help create the Biggest Hour for Earth. We asked you to grab your camera, head outdoors, and give an hour for Earth by capturing awe-inspiring shots of our planet. And as usual, you did not disappoint!

A huge thank you to the Unsplash community for submitting over 2000 images, a.k.a 2000 hours of reconnecting with the planet and reminding others why we need to protect our one shared home.

Celebrating the collective impact 🌎

During the Biggest Hour for Earth event, people from every corner of the globe united in a shared mission to raise awareness and take action to protect our planet. Adding the hours that the Unsplash community gave to Earth to the total number of hours in Earth Hour’s global hour count, this year's total is a record-breaking 1,474,167 hours.

Huge congratulations to Earth Hour (and the Planet!) for creating the Biggest Hour for Earth.

Check out some of the incredible images from the Earth Hour Topic

You can see all 2000 submissions by visiting the Earth Hour topic.

How does Unsplash for Good work?

Unsplash for Good supports charities and organizations by building awareness on global issues through visual content. Focusing on causes such as environmental concerns and social injustices, let’s create a global impact by using Unsplash for Good.

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