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Unveiling the Unsplash+ Emerging Talent Award Winners

Celebrating the visionaries of tomorrow ✨

Unsplash Team
Unsplash Team

As part of the Unsplash for Education program, we began partnering with Universities to recognize incredible talent. Earlier this year, we kicked this off with our Unsplash+ Student Grant, and now we are excited to share the first winners of the Unsplash+ Emerging Talent Award.

The London College of Communication (LCC) MA Commercial Photography program is beaming with amazing photographers, so it was an absolute pleasure to attend their recent Postgraduate show, titled BRINK, to present the award to three talented students.

The Unsplash+ Emerging Talent Award

The Unsplash+ Emerging Talent Award is about recognizing and rewarding the achievements of those at the beginning of their career in the commercial and creative photography sectors – shining the spotlight on emerging talent and helping to develop and foster best practices in the industry.

With a prize of acceptance into the Unsplash+ program, the students will be rewarded with expert industry advice, master classes, and continued access to paid opportunities.


LCC's Postgraduate Show, "Brink," showcases the transformative journey of emerging creatives. For this show, Photography program graduates explore diverse themes like social narratives, gender roles, and global issues. Through powerful visual storytelling, these image-makers challenge norms and envision a world in flux, offering fresh perspectives on reality and the potential for impactful change.

Co-curated by: Vivienne Gamble & Becky Warnock
Course Leader: Rachel Louise Brown

Meet the finalists

And now to introduce the three winners of the Unplash+ Emerging Talent Awards...

"Here Be Dragons" by Gala Netylko

"When medieval mapmakers charted the edge of unexplored lands, they inhabited them with illustrations of a fantastic array of dragons, sea monsters and other beings they dreamt lived there. From our maps to our folk tales, magical creatures have enraptured human imagination over the centuries. Here Be Dragons is an exploration of the mythical creatures that flourish across different cultures...

This project is a tribute to some of the magical characters introduced to me by my grandparents. Featured in the project so far are Leshy, a Ukrainian woodland spirit, Quetzalcóatl, a feathered serpent deity from Mexico, Impundulu, a lightning bird from South Africa, Chochin-Obake, a sentient lantern from Japan, and Siren, a beguiling Grecian mermaid-like temptress." — Gala Netylko

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"Salt" by Barbora Lundgren

"Barbora Lundgren's photography project, titled "Salt," draws inspiration from the captivating barren landscape of the Dead Sea, consumed by salt. Intrigued by the mesmerizing salt crystals and the intricate process of crystallization, Lundgren delves into the multifaceted nature of salt as both vital and deadly. Just like salt, which is essential in small amounts for sustaining life but becomes lethal when consumed excessively, her project explores the delicate balance between necessity and overindulgence..." — Barbora Lundgren

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"My Brain" by Nici Eberl

"In ‘My Brain’, Nici Eberl opens the doors to the most intimate space that is her mind. Through self-portraiture, she not only unveils her own innermost emotions, vulnerabilities, and insecurities but also those of women of her generation.

As a portrait photographer, Nici is used to pointing her camera at others, but for this self-reflective series, she challenges herself to reverse the lens, turning it upon herself instead. Drawing inspiration from artists like Cindy Sherman, Zanele Muholi and filmmaker Tim Burton, Nici creates a surreal, enigmatic world of her own, filled with vivid colours, transforming her images into obscure visual narratives, taking the gazer upon a profound exploration of her true self." — Nici Eberl

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