Partnerships · August 15, 2023

Meet the 4 Unsplash+ Student Grant Recipients

Unsplash+ partners with London College of Communications (LCC) Commercial Photography MA program.

Natalie Brennan
Natalie Brennan

Back in April, we kicked off the Unsplash+ Student Grant Program, an initiative aimed to support and inspire the next generation of creative minds.  

Our partnership with the University of the Arts: London led us to collaborate with the talented students of the London College of Communications’ (LCC) Commercial Photography MA program.

We challenged the students to reimagine, rethink and reinterpret stock imagery. We asked them to go against what they traditionally saw across the internet, turn still life on its head, and create a collection of commercially viable images.

The Unsplash+ team worked hand-in-hand with LCC course leaders, offering support and expert guidance on both creative direction and the intricate world of commercial photography releases and intellectual property matters.

It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the four winners of the first Unsplash+ Student Grant Program and share each of their incredible collections.

The winning students are Elsa Santacruz Romero, Simran Dhanu, Kajal Nemani and Ayushi Channawar, who will all be accepted into the Unsplash+ Contributor Program and receive a grant of £800 each.

The collections

Color Consumption by Ayushi Channawar

“Colors give beauty to nature and to our lives. Their effect on us is much more significant than we could ever possibly imagine. They play an important role in commercial photography because a brand can use colors as a means to connect with its audience. Each color is unique and creates different messages and feelings. This collection is based on the color wheel and includes a mix of primary, tertiary, and secondary colors, as well as color harmonies.” — Ayushi Channawar

Casual by Elsa Santacruz Romero

“For this collection, my concept is simplicity and explores the medium of still-life imagery. I created simple but powerful imagery with a unified color pallet, my aim was to bring elegance to this genre of stock imagery. I kept the lighting clean, minimal and natural.” — Elsa Santacruz Romero

Chromatic Illuminations by Simran Dhanu

“Chromatic Illuminations is a series of abstract photograms created through experimental techniques in the darkroom. Divided into three main colors - red, yellow, and blue - each photogram explores the interplay of light and color, evoking different emotions and sensations. These unique compositions transcend traditional photography, inviting viewers to experience a visual journey that connects with their own emotions and memories. Through the absence of recognizable subjects, the series delves into the elemental aspects of light and color, reimagining reality and inspiring contemplation.” — Simran Dhanu

Whimsical Medleys by Kajal Nemani

“This photography project aims to capture the intriguing combination of products that defy expectations, exploring the fascinating world of unconventional compositions.” — Kajal Nemani

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the winners for their talents and dedication to photography. We would also like to express our thanks to all the participants who submitted concepts for consideration.

“When I was approached by Unsplash+ with this exciting opportunity, I jumped at the chance for our course to collaborate. The opportunity to pitch ideas to such a renowned client & subsequently, for the chosen ones to navigate a world of licensing, copyright and model/property releases while developing a unique creative vision, was a vital learning curve for our students. Thank you Unsplash+ for this fantastic experience.” — Rachel Louise Brown, Course Leader

This photography grant not only recognizes the winners' accomplishments but also serves as an encouragement for them to continue their photography journeys with Unsplash+.

The photos are available to download with an Unsplash+ subscription.

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