Soul Cleansed photo by Rishi Patel (@rishi_p) on Unsplash
ModeliPhone 6s
Shutter speed1/25s
Focal length4.2mm
Published onJuly 9, 2017
Dimensions3024 × 3779

Soul Cleansed

I was at my friends warehouse and we were doing routine checks on all the locks around the gates. Most of the locks were stuff and needed oil, but we didn’t have oil. What we did have was a whole huge box of pencils. So we got a few and split them down the middle for the graphite. Once we thought we had enough, we crushed the stems of graphite and poured the fine shimmery powder into an hole we found on the locks. It worked brilliantly and left out hands grey and glittery. And so I took the picture, seemed like it was something worth taking.

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