The Dal Lake in Kashmir and The Shikara Ride, by Sumit Singh | Unsplash
ModelNIKON D7100
Shutter speed1/50s
Focal length24mm
Published onDecember 18, 2016
Dimensions4000 × 6000

The Dal Lake in Kashmir and The Shikara Ride

It was before this current unrest in Kashmir, that we decided to visit Srinagar, Capital of Jammu and Kashmir. A quaint event and we hopped on to the nearly empty lake, in a brightly decorated shikara (The wooden boats) The view of the valley, refection on the water and the boatman singing a folk kashmiri song, made that particular moment just so bliss! There’s a reason why Kashmir is known as paradise… the boat ride on shikara in Dal Lake is just one of them!

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