Good art good hearts photo by Pana Vasquez (@panatografia) on Unsplash
ModelCanon EOS 5D Mark III
Shutter speed30s
Focal length16mm
Published onJuly 3, 2017
Dimensions5760 × 3840

good art good hearts

I biked for about 2 hrs around the Krog/Beltline/Piedmont area. I lost my wallet while biking. I had no idea where it could be since I was moving, biking, and shooting since everything was new to me. When I got back to my car and returned my rented bike, I realized that my wallet was gone. I said “fuck, how am I going to fly back to Houston tonight?” Somehow I found a photographer who I had seen before and waved whats up while he was shooting around this same spot. Ironically he had found, kept it and said he was going to mail it to me. God works in mysterious ways. Good people still exist.

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