Stars & lasers, by Tobias Cornille | Unsplash
Shutter speed30s
Focal length16mm
Published onDecember 9, 2016
Dimensions4912 × 3264

Stars & lasers

One of the first nights in Greece, we hiked up a hill at night. The night sky I saw there, in Delphi, was the most beautiful night sky I’ve ever seen. The milky way was very bright, and I really wanted to try to capture it. I’d never practised astrophotography before, but luckily I got some tips from Jasper, who also posed for this photo. He also brought his green laser with him to point out some constellations, but it also helped create a really cool effect. This whole experience just made me love the universe and astrophotography a bit more, so I’d say, look up every once in a while!

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