Falling Up photo by Anthony DeRosse (@anthonyderosse) on Unsplash
ModeliPhone 6
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length4.2mm
Published onDecember 2, 2016
Dimensions2448 × 3264

Falling Up

My wife and I decided to adventure out into a new trail. The air was beautifully dry and a small breeze accompanied us like a friend. As we walked through the trail with the crunching of orange, red, and yellow leaves below us, I came to a tree, put my hand on it, and something within me was compelled to just look up. Seeing the blue sky make its way through the colors of fall left me in awe. I forgot about everything in that moment, and I was taken to a place of tranquility and peace in my mind. I thought a picture would allow for others to experience the same delight and joy that I did.

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