A Fairy Garden On Top Of The Old Tree Stump photo by John Flanders (@flarp9) on Unsplash
ModelPENTAX K-30
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length35mm
Published onApril 29, 2017
Dimensions4928 × 3264

A Fairy Garden On Top Of The Old Tree Stump

A few years ago we had a tree taken down to the stump. Eventually, a small pine tree, now about 8 inches tall, grew out of the stump and continues to still live there. After several days of rain, when the sun finally came out, we noticed the mushrooms growing on the stump. My wife went and grabbed her pewter fairy from the house and sat it on the stump. The mushrooms in the foreground are about 1 inch high. The perspective of this shot gives no reference to the actual small scale that this image is. A very peaceful and relaxing image.

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