Unexpected Moment, by Fabrizio Verrecchia | Unsplash
ModelNIKON D3200
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length52mm
Published onJanuary 23, 2017
Dimensions5343 × 3428

Unexpected Moment

I was in Paris in november 2015. I spent the night before this shooting to study my web design book. I stayed in Paris because my grandfather was sick and I was concerned about this situation. Al 4:30 am I decided to go in Trocadéro. It is my favourite place in Paris and when I stay in Italy during my usually life I dream to be there in front of my favourite monument: the eiffel tower! I taken 2 bus and one metro and at 5:10 I was arrived in this wonderful place. Was very cold, but I dont stayed only!

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