The Sea is Looking back at me photo by Desiré (@clickcritic) on Unsplash
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length25mm
Published onJuly 11, 2017
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The Sea is Looking back at me

As I walked along the dock at the fishermen’s warf in Victoria BC, I took pictures of beautifully coloured food stands and fish and chip bars. Tourism were clambering around looking for wale watching tours. It looked good, but it was all the same really. Then from of the boats hauling this memorabilia, hauling the Victoria lively hood a man was trying to light his smoke. For a second I blanked out, and caught by the image itself I forgot I even had a camera, as I woke to snap a shot…he finished lighting his cigarette, and looked back me, real slow like, then disappeared back into the boat.

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