Pagoda Forest photo by Charlie Costello (@marilark) on Unsplash
ModelNIKON D300
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length130mm
Published onJuly 3, 2017
Dimensions3000 × 1993

Pagoda Forest

This shot was one of may taken at the Sunrise Pagoda in December of 2011. A small boy saw me early in the morning and he said, “where are you going?”…I said, “to the sunrise Pagoda…”. He said, I take you a shortcut....” It was a shortcut indeed and after climbing to the second level of this ancient pagoda the light was perfect, the balloons came and viola! I of course gave my tour guide a small sum for his efforts to get me there in time.I was happy to capture this shot and want to share it with the world.

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