The Mosque of Khair Bek photo by Fares Omar (@fares_thabet) on Unsplash
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Published onMarch 24, 2017
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The Mosque of Khair Bek

Amir Khayrbak became the Ottomans’ first governor of Egypt after their conquest in 1517 as a reward for betraying the sultan and cooperating with the Ottoman conquerors. He built his mosque/madrasa and a sabil-kuttab between 1520 and 1521 AD. The mosque is situated at Tabbana between the Citadel and Bab Zuwayla and is best viewed form the direction of the Citadel. Though this monument may straddle the Mamluk and Ottomasn periods, architecturally it is in the Mamluk tradition and does not incorporate new or foreign architectural elements.

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