Prismatic Color - In the Days of Seasons photo by Jason Tai (@whiteorange0617) on Unsplash
ModelNIKON D810
Shutter speed1/25s
Focal length70mm
Published onApril 12, 2017
Dimensions7360 ร— 4912

Prismatic Color - In the Days of Seasons

It is the age where monochrome has faded while a diversity of colors is greatly valued. Colors of spectrum symbolize colorful pleasant moments people have share together and the lights of spectrum stand for truth people have been seeking for. Also, the lights reflected from the prism imply the lucidity and obscurity of truth. The art work is named from a poem of an American poet, Marianne Moore, who praised how truth leads one to a peaceful mind in this chaotic world. Geometric forms of prisms are irregularly located at the river bank, beaming amiable neon lights, like change of seasons.

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