Glacier Point photo by Aniket Deole (@anik3t) on Unsplash
ModelCanon EOS 5D
Shutter speed1/25s
Focal length17mm
Published onNovember 1, 2016
Dimensions3768 × 2056

Glacier Point

I took this photo at Glacier Point in Yosemite. We were running late and I was afraid that we were going to miss the red sunset tipping off of Half Dome. Fortunately we just made it in time to see the last few minutes of the sunset, and I was able to witness something which very few people get to appreciate. We spent the the rest of the evening at Glacier Point until we were able to see the magnificent Milky Way over Half Dome at around midnight. Yosemite Valley to me is just unreal. Quite unbelievable, how nature has crafted this perfection over millions of years of chaos!

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