Too early isn’t too hard photo by Tim Marshall (@timmarshall) on Unsplash
ModelCanon EOS M
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length22mm
Published onNovember 28, 2016
Dimensions5184 × 3456

Too early isn’t too hard

I was away at a leadership camp and had been up late the night before, not getting to bed until after 1:30am. I’d already made the decision that I was getting up at 5:00am to go and shoot. Whilst I had next to no sleep for the night it was surprisingly easy to get up and go. I like to think that when we can attach our passions to our actions it makes each action more meaningful. Even if it does mean getting up way too early. The result is capturing a moment and a memory. When you go out looking for moments you create memories. ‘Too early’ is done away with. Too early isn’t too hard.

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