Picnicking at Versailles, by Alice Donovan Rouse | Unsplash
ModelNIKON D750
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length50mm
Published onDecember 5, 2016
Dimensions5343 Ɨ 3567

Picnicking at Versailles

Since my days of studying Landscape Architecture, I had dreamt of seeing Versailles in person. The weather called for rain but that did not stop us. We packed a Parisian snack and boarded the train. When we arrived I was so overwhelmed, I immediately went straight into the gardens, found a quiet spot on an ornate bench and unpacked my picnic. We sat in the sun nibbling our bread and cheese soaking it all in. Just as we finished, it began to pour. The photo is a remnant of the brief sunshine we experienced and the lasting feelings that a single place and moment can create.

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