Ghetto Made Gorgeous photo by Glen McCallum (@glen_mccallum) on Unsplash
ModelNIKON D7200
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length18mm
Published onFebruary 27, 2017
Dimensions6000 × 4000

Ghetto Made Gorgeous

I have long been intrigued with Detroit’s mind-blowing resilience. Each Saturday, I regularly head down to Eastern Market to experience the rich culture, sights, sounds & eats. This time, however, I decided to take a look deeper down into the alleys surrounding the neighborhood. What met my eyes was street art that is beyond belief. Luckily, I don’t travel far without my camera, so I was able to capture this masterpiece at the perfect time; hazy clouds above, the sun just peaking through whilst another passerby posed for her own profile photo in front of the blend of dancing rainbows.

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