Lost at sea photo by Callum Barry (@callumrb) on Unsplash
ModelCanon EOS 600D
Shutter speed1/4000s
Focal length25mm
Published onJanuary 26, 2017
Dimensions4972 × 3315

Lost at sea

This shot is one of my favorite from my trip to Thailand, not my best, but certainly to me stands out. It took me many attempts to get this right as the boat kept on movie and the cameras focus never seems accurate. I have to mention that photography from a boat that won’t stop moving with the ocean swell makes every photo either a hit or miss. There was nearly always an element of blur or inaccurate focus region. It was roughly 3pm when this shot was taken, we had just encountered a rough storm in the gulf of Thailand which affected our region too (Phang Nga Bay).

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