Unsplash Dataset

Access the world’s largest open library dataset.

Train and test models using the largest collaborative image dataset ever openly shared. The Unsplash Dataset is created by 250,000+ contributing photographers and billions of searches across thousands of applications, uses, and contexts.

Used by researchers at industry-leading institutions

Real visual searches

Access data generated by billions of visual searches to go beyond object detection. Understand higher-level scene concepts like metaphors, sentiment, and complex semantics.

Millions of keywords

Understand image beauty and quality with image popularity generated across tens of millions of keywords.

Rich metadata

Analyze the popularity and impact of various camera makes, models, lenses, focal lengths, and more.

To see all fields exposed in the dataset, see the documentation.

1.5 GB

Free for commercial and non-commercial usage.

Images 25,000
Keywords 25,000
Searches 1,000,000
40 GB

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Images 4,800,000+
Keywords 7,000,000+
Searches 350,000,000+
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All data contained in the dataset is related to images.
We do not and will never make any user level data available as part of this dataset or any future dataset.