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4 Artists create Unsplash+ collections using Facet AI tools.

Natalie Brennan Natalie Brennan

Over the past few months, we've been working with Facet and 4 incredible artists to curate over 100+ images for Unsplash+. As part of this collaboration, these four Facet artists have created their own colorful collections of portraits, architecture, object compositions, and more.

Meet the Artists

Lily Kenyi is a New York-based visual artist whose work aims to disrupt current societal worldviews and often depicts black women in contemporary situations of happiness, untied to trauma.

Existing Unsplash contributor, Simone Hutsch, is a graphic designer and self-taught architecture photographer who is from Berlin and is now based in London. Her work tends to combine art with photography by adding surreal retouches in her editing process.

Clara Beatriz is a Brazilian photographer whose work is built from storytelling and evoking movement from within. She captures a wide variety of subjects from people to architecture to products.

Ngozi Ejionueme is a Nigerian artist who seeks to tell human stories through photography. He has shaped creative projects in the realms of advertising, fashion, and portraiture.

The Collections

Discover the four collections and how each of the artists used Facet's AI-based creative tools to create their images.  

Two Tone by Lily Kenyi

Two Tone is a collection that experiments with the contrast of light and dark and the compositing of shape graphics. The Gradient Fill tool as well as the Light & Color Balance tool in Facet helped Lily Kenyi to achieve this play on atmospheric senses. Two Tone also captures her film style of negative space and dreamlike states. The lens in which she captures her subjects is soft and observing, allowing the characters to move freely in the scene. Lily takes inspiration from the likes of contemporary filmmakers Steve McQueen, Mati Diop, and storyteller Michaela Coel.

Architectural Pop by Simone Hutsch

Architectural Pop is a collection of architectural variations featuring surreal color-pop backgrounds. Simone Hutsch used Facet’s many fill tools such as Gradient Fill, Solid Color Fill, and Noise Fill to edit her images. Given the number of images for the collection, it was an experiment in editing multiple variations of the same building. With Facet’s batch editing feature, she could quickly explore through trial and error how to make colors in a building pop or more balanced. Simone’s signature backgrounds are abstracted so that all the attention is drawn to the details of a building–the structures, facades, windows, etc. This technique also helps to evoke a sense of surrealism and mystery.

Organic Dreams by Clara Beatriz

Organic Dreams is a collection featuring vibrant compositions of organic objects juxtaposed with the quotidian. Clara Beatriz creates oneiric and colorful images by using organic objects such as rocks, fruits, and flowers. By bringing in shapes and other daily objects, she strikes a surrealist balance, inspired by painters such as Frida Kahlo, Giorgio De Chirico, Magritte, and Dalí. Using Facet’s Automask tool and various color adjustment tools, Clara was able to explore variations of unusual colors on specific areas of my images such as a hand, glove, or flower. Music, cinema, and painting are her main sources of inspiration and she mixes different techniques, lighting, and objects to tell a story through each image.

Portraits by Ngozi Ejionueme

Portraits is a collection of stunning portraits that showcase our individual yet connected personalities. Ngozi Ejionueme is inspired by the many facets of our individualistic personalities. His work seeks to personify each individual difference while reminding us that no matter how different we are, we are all connected. Each portrait aims to evoke a sense of soulfulness and character. Facet’s Solid Color Fill tool allowed him to achieve mastery in every image, and to bring out the emotion and humanity of an individual.

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