Announcements · February 21, 2024

Unsplash+: New Look, New Content

Unsplash Team
Unsplash Team

Gone are the days of recycled images and stale stock photos. With fresh new content being added daily, find visuals that breathe new life into your brand.

From highly curated to more organic UGC — Unsplash+ is home to the new look and feel that will elevate your next project. Capturing the latest trends, and reimagining popular concepts, the Unsplash+ library can help you create work that stands out to clients, coworkers, or customers.

In the past year, since the launch of Unsplash+, the library and the community has grown exponentially. To celebrate, check out Unsplash+'s new look and discover some new content.

New Look

As we celebrate Unsplash+'s 1-year anniversary, we're excited to unveil a significant milestone in our journey – a dynamic rebranding initiative in collaboration with the award-winning brand agency, COLLINS.

At the core of this transformation lies our new identity, the + symbol, an emblem as iconic and challenging to own, much like the revered camera symbol. Just as capturing the essence of photography is an art, so is imprinting a symbol with meaning and purpose. The folks at COLLINS took on this challenge and breathed new life into the + symbol.

Our new + symbol embraces the idea of bringing the community of creators to the forefront while honoring the images by allowing the work to shine through it.

Explore our refined look at

New Content

New visuals are added daily, as Unsplash+ contributors continue to create fresh content around forecasted trends, popular search terms, and hard-to-find concepts. We work with talented creative directors, photographers, and artists to express the most searched themes through new visuals for a variety of commercial uses.

We’re taking concepts that have been captured the same way for decades and reimagining them to have a fresh, new look and feel.

New collections

With new collections being shared weekly, you can explore the ease of curated packs of content to help create a consistent look and feel for your next project. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic image to enhance a project or a newsworthy photo to help tell a story, you’ll find it in Unsplash+.

New curators

We partner with tastemakers to make sure what’s available is the best. Recently we relied on the expertise of renowned location scout, Lori Balton, (known for her work on Top Gun: Maverick, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, The Little Mermaid, and many more) on a Cinematic Locations collection.

The Unsplash+ Community

The Unsplash+ Community has grown and supported over 600 artists. Many who have been in our community for years and many who are brand new talent sharing fresh perspectives with the Unsplash+ library.

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An Unsplash+ subscription gives you access to curated content that is royalty-free and available for commercial use, and members can enjoy an ad-free experience on

Need legal peace-of-mind? All Unsplash+ images are model and property released for use in almost any type of commercial project and are backed by a new Unsplash+ Protection. Use Unsplash+ images whenever, wherever, and however you want.

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