Announcements · April 27, 2022

Unsplash is now in Spanish

¡Unsplash ahora está en español!

Natalie Brennan Natalie Brennan

Over 1M people from around the world visit every day. It was only a matter of time until we updated Unsplash’s language settings to reflect the diversity of our audience, and that starts today.

You can now switch your language to be in Spanish.

The goal of Unsplash is to democratize the access of visuals to everyone. With that in mind, for the past few months, the product team has been working hard at making Unsplash reach different communities around the world.

"As someone from Latin America, I'm really proud to help make that possible not only for people of my own country but also for the diverse people and Spanish-speaking communities all over the world.

Teams around the globe worked together to have relying building blocks for this first language option with the goal, now that it's complete, of bringing even more languages at a faster pace than we ever could.

We work hard so the visuals you see are a representation of the world we live in. Now you can read, search and interact in a way that represents yourself.”

Bruno Aguirre 🇺🇾, Unsplash Software Developer

"Como una persona de latinoamérica estoy muy orgulloso de haber ayudado a que eso fuera posible, no solamente para la gente de mi país sino también para todas las personas y diversas comunidades de hispanohablantes en todo el mundo.

Equipos de todo el mundo trabajaron juntos para definir cimientos sólidos para este primer lenguaje con el objetivo, ahora que está completo, de poder incrementar la cantidad de idiomas a un ritmo más rápido del que hubiéramos esperado.

Trabajamos duro para que las imágenes que ven sean una representación del mundo en el que vivimos. Ahora pueden leer, buscar e interactuar de una manera que los represente a ustedes también.”

Bruno Aguirre 🇺🇾, Desarrollador en Unsplash

How to switch your language

1. Click the three horizontal lines in the navigation bar

2. Click on the language in the bottom right corner

3. Select your preferred language

Up next, French & German!

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