Product · January 07, 2021

Introducing Unsplash Hire

Access the most seen visual creators and storytellers on the internet

Luke Chesser Luke Chesser

Unsplash is home to over 200k of the best visual creators and storytellers, creating the most seen visuals on the internet.

Today we’re rolling out the Unsplash Hire beta: a more direct way to connect and work with Unsplash contributors to create world-class images. Whether it’s to find the perfect photographer for your event or to create new images for your company’s social media accounts, you can now connect easily on Unsplash.

For contributors, you’ll see new hiring related settings and the ability to enable a ‘Hire’ button on your profile to receive messages related to hiring opportunities. For more information, see our FAQs for Unsplash Hire.

In early 2021, we’ll expand access and feed the top contributors into an open directory for use by agencies and brands to find the best visual creators to work with. Like the rest of Unsplash, this will be a completely open directory, free to access and use by anyone—no membership required.

If you’re a platform looking to connect your users to photographers or work directly with a large number of photographers, send us an email at

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