Partnerships · September 22, 2020

Unsplash × Google

Unsplash is powering Google’s Web Stories editor for WordPress by bringing beautiful, high quality visuals to content creators designing stories for the open web.

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When you think back to the time you spend on the web — much of it revolves around the exchange of stories. From reading the news on your phone from bed in the morning, to sharing pieces of your day on social media or over on your blog, we are constantly consuming and creating content on the internet.

And of course — when we think of the internet, we think of Google. With a mission to make information universally accessible, Google classifies the world’s information. From Google search to Gmail, their products aim to make it easier for us to find and share the stories we want to tell.

Web Stories by Google

In an effort to continue modernizing the web, the team over at Google have built Web Stories, a tool which allows you to easily create full-screen visual experiences — making it easier to craft engaging narratives and spread them across the web. Built on and for the open web, the tappable stories don’t expire, live on your server and can be monetized. Plus, the final product can then be shared and embedded across the web without being confined to a specific platform.

Craft beautiful Web Stories with Unsplash

Because we all tell and share stories on the internet, it’s pretty clear to all of us by now that one of the keys to crafting engaging narratives comes down to the right visuals. Which is why Unsplash exists in the first place. And it’s why Google have made Unsplash part of their Web Stories experience — connecting content creators with 2 million beautiful images to create with.

The entire Unsplash library is now available in the Web Stories media pane, so you can click on any visual and add them to your story. From there, you can rotate, crop, and scale the images and craft the story you’d like to tell.

As the internet’s source of freely usable images, the Unsplash community has always enabled creatives around the world to tell stories in genuine and authentic ways. So it’s only fitting that our latest integration with Google will make it easier for web creators to find the perfect images to create visual stories for the open web.

Download Web Stories for WordPress here.

More on Unsplash Partnerships. This is part of our continued mission to enable creativity by making quality visuals openly accessible.

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