Announcements · July 01, 2021

Unsplash + Espolòn

Live your best summer. Capture it on film.

Unsplash Team Unsplash Team

Cheers to the long awaited freedom of summer 2021! After this past year, we think we all deserve the best summer yet. Let this be the summer of more — more friends, more adventures, more fun.

That is why we partnered with Espolòn Tequila to encourage you to make the most of July.

For 30 days, Espolòn is curating a Summer on Film Topic to celebrate your epic summer memories through a collection of analog photography. Whether it’s a still life of lazy summer days or summer nights drinking with friends — show us a photo that tells the story of your summer for a chance to be featured in the topic.

Submit to the Summer on Film Topic

Submit your best Summer on Film shots directly to the topic for a chance to be featured throughout the month of July.

  • Head over to the Summer on Film Topic on Unsplash
  • Hit the “Submit to Summer on Film Topic” button
  • Submit any photos you’ve shot that meet our Submission Guidelines.
  • Your photo(s) will be reviewed as usual, but with the extra opportunity to be selected by the Espolòn team to be featured in the Summer on Film Topic and a higher chance of being promoted on the homepage Editorial feed.
  • We’ll be featuring the top submissions on social this month.

Submit to the Summer on Film Topic

How to upload film photos to Unsplash

From developing and scanning in your own rolls of 35mm, to enhancing your analog photos — our film expert Annie Spratt has put together a great guide for anyone interested in uploading their film photos to Unsplash. Read it here.

How do Topics work?

Topics work as a way to curate various images on our platform through a similar theme.  From topics like the aforementioned Original by design Topic, to current events — curated topics have an increased chance of being featured, promoted, or seen on the site.  Curious to partner with us on a topic? Reach out, we’d love to make magic happen —

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