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Unsplash Awards 2018

The Unsplash Awards are back 🎉

Unsplash Team
Unsplash Team

Celebrating the people powering the open photography movement

Throughout the year, the artistry that we get to witness on our platform is truly astounding. We see our contributors continue to push boundaries and capture incredible moments from around the world.

There are now over 750,000 photos in the growing Unsplash library! This display of talent and generosity in our community cannot go unrecognized.

The Unsplash Awards

And so, we’re excited to be kicking off the 2nd annual Unsplash Awards. This month-long celebration that recognizes the powerful impact the Unsplash contributors have made.

We’ve created 12 photography categories where we will feature the work of Unsplash contributors from November to December. For each category, we’ve invited a guest judge to help select the featured photos.

Official Judge: Estaban Arturo
Designer — Global Citizen
Esteban is a brand designer working with Global Citizen. He focuses on exploring how design can transcend across an organisation; from the conception of the business model, to how it can be leveraged to empower individuals. Over his career in marketing and design he has worked on projects with Target, The Clorox Company, Macy’s, STORY, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, Starbucks, and Global Citizen; refining their marketing strategies, defining their brands, and creating consumer centric experiences. The combination of his design expertise and his understanding of product-market fit gives him the unique ability to act on business trends with a creative approach.

Official Judge: Jakob Owens
CEO /Director — BuffNerds Media
Among other things Jakob is a Director/Creator/Entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles California. He is also the creator and owner of TheBuffNerds youtube channel which has accumulated over 250+ million views and 750K + subscribers.

Official Judge: Amy Feitelberg
Photography Art Director — Square
Amy is currently a photo art director at Square in San Francisco, CA, where she gets to create the visuals for a forward thinking company that enables entrepreneurship for all. Previous to her transition to the Bay, she was the photo director at Los Angeles magazine and Outside magazine in Santa Fe, NM before that. Throughout her tenure in publishing she curated, produced and art directed award winning photography all over the world.

Official Judge: Rogie King
Lead Product Designer— Dribbble
Rogie is a multidisciplinary designer at Dribbble. He really loves to focus on unique solutions, crafted at the hand of front-end web tech that dazzle and delight. Oh, and community. He loves community. But also, hot-sauce! And horror movies! And really loud electronic music! And he loves to dabble in art, that he’s been told has a Disney/mid-century vibe.

Official Judge: Sai De Silva
Creative Director & Founder — Scout The City
Sai is an online destination that focuses on family, fashion, beauty, health, and all things lifestyle. The STC brand is devoted to the millennial mom who balances her career with motherhood through family bonding and unapologetic self-expression. Through our various media platforms we’ve created a conversation that resolves around parenting, fashion, city life, and celebrating diversity. STC has earned international credibility as one of the world’s favorite lifestyle blogs, gaining major recognition with national and international sponsors, advertisers, and a rapidly growing fan base.

Official Judge: Tobias van Schneider
Co-founder — Semplice
Tobias is an award-winning designer born in Germany, raised in Austria and currently living in New York. Working at the intersection of product design and brand identity, he’s had the privilege of creating products used and loved by millions. He writes about productivity and portfolio building on his blog, DESK. Find him @vanschneider on Twitter.

Official Judge: Andre Felipe Ribeiro
Design Manager — Squarespace
Andre Ribeiro is a Brazilian-born designer, now based in New York City. With more than 15 years of experience, he has worked at agencies in Brazil, London, San Francisco, and New York. He is currently a Design Manager at Squarespace and prior to that, Andre was a Senior Art Director at Huge Inc, working for a variety of clients such as Apple, Nespresso, Google, and Morgan Stanley, among others.

Official Judge: Joel Tellier
Design Director — VICE
Joel is a multifaceted artist with over 15 years of experience in design and animation. He is the Design Director at VICE Canada.

Official Judge: Kate Allchin
Content Marketing Manager — Pinterest
Kate is a London based editorial strategist and marketeer, with over 10 years experience working in fashion, interiors and now tech. She is Pinterest’s Content Marketing Manager — for Canada, UK and Ireland. She oversees the editorial direction for the curated spaces on Pinterest — as well as trend forecasting, co-marketing initiatives and their UK awards program. Outside of Pinterest she loves design, travel and wellness. All passions she can indulge, discover and do via Pinterest.

Official Judge: Emanuel Sá
Co-founder — Sketch
Emanuel is a designer and the co-founder of Sketch. Before starting Sketch in 2010 he worked with some of the biggest software companies in the world and when he’s not designing icons and interfaces, he’s taking pictures with his trusty Leica.

Official Judge: Wesley Yendrys
Creative Technologist — SSENSE
Wesley is a multidisciplinary designer currently working at the intersection of design, engineering and content at SSENSE. Responsible for merging both the creative and technical, he works to provide innovative yet concrete solutions that are technology based. On the side, he can be found working on a range of freelance projects across numerous creative domains, from branding and identity, to print, wayfinding and more.

Nominate someone!
This year, we’re opening up the Unsplash Community Award to the entire community. We want to hear from you who you think should be recognized for their stand-out involvement in the Unsplash community.

Nominate an Unsplash Community member by filling out this form.

Ready to submit your photos? Here is how you can participate :

  1. From the Unsplash Awards website, select the category that you’d like to participate in and tap the Submit a photo button.
  2. Select up to 3 photos (note: only photos that were uploaded in 2018 will be visible).
  3. Press the Save button to save your selection. You can come back and edit/update your selection at any time until December 7th.

Nov 15th — Dec 7th: Submissions open. To have your photography featured in a category, go to

Dec 10th — Dec 14th: Curator selections

Dec 17th: Announcement of featured photos

Unsplash Partners

In support of the spirit of the open photography movement and the Unsplash community, we are so proud to have the following partners participating in the celebration of the Unsplash Awards:

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Thank you!

Unsplash would not exist without the collective community of people who believe that sharing their work in support of creativity is worthwhile.

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If you’d like to submit a photo to one of the categories, go to

To every member of the Unsplash community, thank you for everything. 🙌

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