Brands · October 29, 2020

Unsplash + Atoms

Mikael Cho Mikael Cho

Today, we're teaming up with Atoms to make visuals that depict today’s reality with masks openly accessible.

Masks have become part of our culture, but they haven't entered our visual culture.

If you search shopping, school, or travel, the visuals you see don't represent how we actually go about these activities today.

Atoms was started with the simple desire to build the best shoe. But when the pandemic hit, they started making a reusable, breathable, and comfortable mask, built for the every day.

Now, Atoms is making their mask visuals available for free use.

The images show students, travelers, & workers with masks going about every day activities.

These visuals, & more shot by Unsplash community members Brian Asare, Devon Divine, Jasmin Chew, Charles Deluvio, Kelly Sikkema, and Erin Agius, will lead the way for a new visual language for masks.

Check out the Unsplash + Atoms collection

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