Partnerships · July 22, 2019

Unsplash + Affinity Photo

Pushing the boundaries of creative design.

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When you create something you’re proud of, and that’s well loved by others, most people would agree it’s easy to get a little complacent. Whether it’s a piece of code, a painting style, a recipe, or a product — it’s easy to rest on your laurels a little rather than constantly pushing yourself to improve or experiment.

But that’s not what Serif did. Instead of playing it safe and sticking with their legacy apps, Serif decided to hit the reset button and start inventing new software from scratch. They scrapped all of their code and took this as a chance to push the boundaries of what creative apps can really do. So, not so surprisingly — it wasn’t an overnight project. It took Serif 5 years of constant creating to release their first Affinity app — Affinity Designer — and the time and effort put into the product really shows.

Introducing Affinity Photo

That brings us to a photo editing software that’s got you covered for everything — from delicate retouching and quick corrections to immersing yourself in complex fine art with hundreds of layers. Put simply, if you could create your own photo editing software, it would probably look a lot like Affinity Photo. With a combination of unrivalled power, speed and precision — the software that was truly designed with creatives in mind.

Adding Unsplash images to Affinity Photo

And now you can add Unsplash images directly into Affinity Photo, thanks to our latest integration. And as always, each photo from Unsplash links back to the photographer’s Unsplash profile.

  1. Create your document by going to File > New within Affinity Photo.
  2. Go to the Stock Panel on the right side of your workspace, and select Unsplash in the drop-down menu.
  3. Read the Terms & Conditions and click I understand to access to the Unsplash library of over 1 million images.
  4. Once you’ve found the perfect image for your next project, drag it from the Stock Panel to your document.

Our friends over at Serif have even put together a few tutorials to show off how you can make use Unsplash images in Affinity Photo — from putting together unique compositions to creating double exposure graphics.

So whether you’re retouching an image, creating the perfect panorama, or simply messing around with the app — all you’ve got to do is bring in a beautiful image (or two) from Unsplash to start creating something great.

More on Unsplash Partnerships. This partnership with Affinity Photo is part of our continued mission to enable creativity by making quality visuals openly accessible.

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