Unsplash+ · February 22, 2023

Unsplash × Flying Object

Visualizing non-visual senses

Natalie Brennan Natalie Brennan

The Multisensory collection addresses a common problem: how can we visually represent words that describe sensations we perceive through our non-visual senses?

Talented 3D artists from Flying Object (a creative agency based in London, UK), created images that express these sensory feelings in a visual manner. Artists, Anthony Odu and Iya Mistry, visualized terms like "echoing", "wobbly", and "gooey", which are rarely depicted in the Unsplash library because they are so abstract.

"The collection shows how our senses are more connected than we think: what we see impacts what we hear; tactile feelings can be depicted visually. Humans are multisensory beings, our perception of the world is built through the combination of different sensory information: what do these images make you think of?"










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