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Top 15: Color of Water

charity: water’s top 15 images from their Color of Water Topic

Natalie Brennan Natalie Brennan

From World Water Day (March 22) to Earth Day (April 22), we were accepting submissions to the Color of Water Topic. A topic that, when seen featured on the navigation bar, made you think you were going to see a sea of blue — and you definitely did not.

charity: water knows firsthand that too many countries around the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water and instead their water is brown, green, red, gray and yellow.

A huge thank you to the Unsplash community for submitting 2000 images from this color scheme to help raise awareness of the world water crisis. And thank you to Boxed Water™ for furthering that impact by matching submissions with $1 donations. Boxed Water donated $2000 to charity: water to fund their next water project.

“charity: water is on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every single person on the planet. We truly believe we can solve the water crisis in our lifetime— and it is because of generous, creative, and proud-to-share supporters like you.” — charity: water

Charity: water went through the submissions and selected their 3 favorite images from each color. See the chosen images below and stay tuned to see them on our Twitter as we continue to spread the word on the water crisis.

Green as seen in India

By Clay Banks
By Thibault Milan
By Dejan Zakic

Red as seen in Madagascar

By Brennan Ehrhardt
By Bogomil Mihaylov
By Rachel Kelli

Yellow as seen in Niger

By József Szabó
By Malik Skydsgaard
By Raban Haaijk

Brown as seen in Cambodia

By Hans Isaacson
By Andy Holmes
By Aedrian

Gray as seen in Uganda

By Tina Xinia
By Rafael Hoyos Weht
By Hans Isaacson

Help us spread the word

Help us spread the message by showing your support on social.  Download png templates here to use alongside your (or anyone’s) Unsplash image.

Use the caption:
[Your item] might be [this color]. But water shouldn’t be.

In honor of #WorldWaterDay, @charitywater is revealing dirty water’s true colors. Learn more and get everything you need to help spread the word at”.


  • Beer might be this yellow, but water shouldn’t be.
  • Succulents might be green, but water shouldn’t be.
  • Coffee might be brown, but water shouldn’t be.

If you want to join Boxed Water™ in financially supporting the cause, you can donate directly to charity: water at

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