Partnerships · September 26, 2022

Top 10: Girls VS. Stereotypes

Replacing stereotypes with diverse, powerful, girl-approved imagery.

Natalie Brennan Natalie Brennan

In August we kicked off the "Girls VS. Stereotypes" Topic in collaboration with Unsplash for Good and Plan International USA, a long-standing girls’ rights organization. This topic called for photos of real, confident girls that break barriers and promote gender equality.

Plan enlisted their Girls Out Loud panel, comprised of US-based girls ages 13-18, to hand-select the images that most accurately and authentically represent girls today.

Thank you to everyone who submitted to this topic. Here are the top 10 images that got a perfect score when polled with the panel (in no specific order).

Good Faces


Alex McCarthy

Vigneshwar Rajkumar

Jana Sabeth

Omid Armin

Umar ben

Jakayla Toney

Catherine A G M

Ying Ge

See a collection of the top 100 images from our Girls VS. Stereotypes Topic here.

To further the impact of this campaign, we've added diversity tags to the accepted images from this Topic to help more inclusive photos appear higher in Search and combat some of AI's biases.

Hear from Unsplash engineer Roberta who was instrumental in designing this ability to update search.

“As a woman from the engineering team at Unsplash I speak from my heart when I say that improving the results of female images for certain search terms lies at the core of my priorities. When you see disappointing results, we either lack images or we do have images that could fit that search but they haven’t been tagged for that term. There's also the challenge of balancing data from different sources. More downloads of a certain image for a term means that the photo is adequate for that search but doesn't necessarily means we're showing a good representation of images. As we work on the algorithm our community work can make a significant difference in showing the images that we as users would like to see there."— Roberta Doyle,  API Engineer

How does Unsplash for Good work?

Unsplash for Good supports charities and organizations by building awareness on global issues through visual content. Focusing on causes such as environmental concerns and social injustices, let’s create a global impact by using Unsplash for Good.

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