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Lookback on November

20 incredible submissions from the past month.

Alyssa Wright
Alyssa Wright

In November, a remarkable 94,806 submissions were made to the Unsplash library. Out of these, we chose 20 exceptional images, each with its own fascinating story to share.

"The planet Jupiter captivates everyone's imagination, being the largest in our solar system. As a gaseous giant, we explored various concepts using a 3D program, striving to offer a glimpse of its appearance from thousands of kilometers away..." — Max Emilian R at BoliviaInteligente

“This photo was taken while we showed our friends from America what Sydney has to offer. This photo shows one of Australia's greatest beauties, its beaches. The golden sunset matches perfectly well with the expansive beaches, the seawater as blue as the sky tumbles, creating snow-like waves. This photo serves as a reminder why it is always worth it to be a keen observer of this wonderful place and it has so much to offer.” — Ian Chen 🇦🇺

"Beautiful sunset from the top of the Alvier mountain in Switzerland." — Mario von Rotz 🇨🇭

“We woke up at 5:30 a.m. to take this photo. We went with camels into the depths of the desert. I was thinking about ways to capture unique photos while losing ourselves in the glow of the enchanting sun. I discovered this angle and I had to capture it. This photograph reminds me that human beings are always passengers in the world and that no matter how full their environment is, human beings always stay within themselves with their own thoughts.” — Ahmed Hamo 🇹🇷

“I took this photo during an evening stroll in Kyiv after this year's first snowfall. The image captures the city's anticipation of another uncertain winter, shadowed by the looming threat of blackouts. Amidst these circumstances, the beam of light in the picture serves as a reminder that even in challenging times, hope shines brighter than fear, and light inevitably triumphs over darkness.” — Eugene Chystiakov 🇺🇦

“Title: Abstraktne motiiv / Creator: Sooster, Ülo (autor) / Date: / Providing institution: Tartu Art Museum / Aggregator: E-Varamu / Providing Country: Estonia / CC0 1.0 / Abstraktne motiiv by Sooster, Ülo (author) - Tartu Art Museum, Estonia"  — Europeana 🇪🇪

"Embarking on a spontaneous journey can be quite an adventure!

A: Ever thought about going to Norway?
B: Absolutely!
A: Alright, let's book our tickets.

Fast forward to the next week, and we found ourselves driving 800km from Trondheim to the enchanting Lofoten Islands in Norway. It was a bit tiring, but the experience was undeniably worth the effort! ☺️ This picture was taken atop Reinebringen, a popular yet short hike in Reine. Patience truly pays off - if you wait long enough, you'll witness real magic. Just savor the moment and wait 🧘" — Marek Piwnicki 🇵🇱

"I confess that I am a sucker for photographing cute things, such as seahorses. In wildlife photography, it is a plus to include some of the habitat, and seahorses often live on or near sea fans. In this scene, the abstract sea fan in the background, as well as the contrasting diagonal lines of the seahorse and the sea fan, appealed to me. Since it was quite dark, and the seahorse was moving, I did some editing in Photoshop Elements and Topaz, to create the look I wanted. Cuteness captured!” — David Clode 🇦🇺

"The Promenade (Landscape with Cypresses) 1897 Henri-Edmond Cross (French, 1856–1910) France, 19th century Color lithograph on chine collé Gift of The Print Club of Cleveland in memory of Mrs. Ralph King 1952.209" — The Cleveland Museum of Art 🇺🇸

"This place was one of the reasons that we traveled to Madeira. We wanted to take moody photos in the forest of Fanal covered in mist. The first attempt wasn't that great, because we just had blue sky and it was too bright. The second time we got there much earlier and the conditions were perfect to take the shots we dreamed of." — Daniel J. Schwarz 🇦🇹

“Long exposure of a Falcon 9 rocket launched by SpaceX on Wednesday, November 8 at 12:05 a.m. ET, as seen from Central Florida.” — Robin Canfield 🇺🇸

“The mushroom season here was looking a bit modest, to say the least, but on my walk back home I saw a yellow/orange glow in the distance and took a turn. On several tree trunks, an abundance of small mushrooms was growing. As I love textures and structures I was struck by how hundreds of tiny mushrooms grow on top of one another. However, I only had a wide-angle lens with me I had to crop the picture I took. Loving the colours of autumn I was lucky to find some as the colours were quite brown and sad this year.” — Lucas van Oort 🇳🇱

“In the process of creating this image, I used a set up of 3 lights: Two for the backdrop and one focus light on the face of the model. I also block the light from spilling by using 3 polly boards. A huge part of this process was also the hair & makeup artist [Beyana Angelova],  who gave her original touch to the design of the makeup,  and the model [Anu Tumenjargal], who used her posing to compliment the mood of the makeup and lighting.” — Simeon Asenov 🇬🇧

"In the crisp chill of a fall morning, I fulfilled a long-time dream by capturing the essence of Monument Valley during my USA road trip. Despite the cold, the sunrise painted the iconic mesas in warm hues, and with numb fingers, I framed a lone car navigating the winding roads—a singular photograph embodying both the resilience and beauty found in the heart of the American Southwest" — Gantas Vaičiulėnas 🇱🇹

“I decided to go for a walk in the dense forest to enjoy its unique beauty. Continuing my way, I explored deeper into the maze of the dense thickness of trees. The branches of old trees formed arches above my head, giving the impression that I had stepped into the mystical world of fairy tales. It was a truly magical moment that I wanted to remember forever.” — Eugene Golovesov 🌎


“The Pleiades or “Seven Sisters” have always been one of my favorite deep sky objects just because it’s one of the most beautiful groups of close-knit stars in the night sky.  You can see six or seven stars with the naked eye, but through a telescope it appears as a stunning array of bright diamonds.  I composed this image from over a thousand stacked subframes totaling about three and a half hours of data.  The camera captures the “blue” nebulosity which is actually dust that reflects the blue light from the relatively young stars.” — Steve Busch 🇺🇸

“Beautiful model in Cannon Beach, Oregon wearing a lavender linen dress, Portrait taken by Portland Photographer Lance Reis on my Sonya7iii on location.”— Lance Reis 🇺🇸

“This picture was taken during a one-week trip with Interrail through Switzerland. During the day we took the train through beautiful valleys, and in the evening, we climbed far up into the mountains again. A little exhausted, it is sometimes difficult to get up again for a photo. But it’s worth it – especially if your friends light up the tents from the inside!” — Lukas Seitz 🇩🇪

“Recently, I accidentally came across this photo that seemed lost in time, because it was taken more than two years ago. This was my shoot in one of Kyiv's favorite photo studios, where four walls can create magic. In this photo, taken in the atmosphere of a French cafe, you can feel the warmth and coziness. All you need to overcome the Kyiv-Paris distance is a little snow, retro furniture, and coffee, which easily create an atmosphere, giving the impression that you have just left a cozy cafe, where the heart is always warm. This photo left me with an indescribable feeling of nostalgia for the beautiful moments of the past.” — Olena Bohovyk 🇺🇦

"Whenever we bust out the dog clothes, Spud knows it's picture time! He would totally prefer to be at the dog park than having to sit still and get his picture taken, but he never passes up the opportunity for some treats" — Karsten Winegeart 🇺🇸

See you in a month when we take a look back on December! 👋 (Psst, want to make the next round-up? Include a description with your submission.)

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