Announcements · January 14, 2022

Incredible ways images on Unsplash have been used

on the internet and beyond...

Natalie Brennan Natalie Brennan

Last year, we launched a ‘Uses’ feature to show contributors where and how their images are being used.

With over 10,000 API integrations, images shared on Unsplash show up in articles, school projects, presentations and more.

See the incredible ways Unsplash contributors’ generous donations have empowered millions of creators worldwide.


Website by Jurica Koletic


“My image got used within the Swiss Covid app, the official app from the Swiss government. My name is also credited.” – Claudio Schwarz



Album Art

Digital Artwork


“Yordan Velchev, a graphic designer from Germany, created a typeface based on one of my recent photos. I thought it was pretty neat. “ – Solen Feyissa

Typeface by Yordan Velchev


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