Announcements · August 04, 2021

Celebrating 3 Million Images

Journey from First to Favorite

Unsplash Team
Unsplash Team

We can’t believe it… but the Unsplash library just hit 3 MILLION contributions. That’s 3 million images, by over 250K creatives, downloaded over 3 billion times, and used to inspire further creations all around the world.

To celebrate this major milestone, we reached out to 10 all-star contributors from all over the globe to share one piece of advice for new photographers and show their journey from their first upload to their favorite image.

Annie Spratt 🇬🇧

Joined: August 30, 2015
Views: 8,079,979,037
Downloads: 41,897,855

“Believe in what you create, when it comes to your photography you don’t need likes or followers, you are the only person whose opinion matters.” — Annie Spratt

Wolfgang Hasselmann 🇩🇪

Joined: January 20, 2018
Views: 672,103,085
Downloads: 3,800,039

“My one advice would be: go out and practice.” — Wolfgang Hasselmann

Klaus Tan | CHUTTERSNAP 🇸🇬

Joined: August 07, 2016
Views: 2,009,459,389
Downloads: 9,876,835

“There’s no such thing as “no filter” in photography – only natural or experimental looks. Set out boldly and create the art you love to see.” — Klaus Tan

Eberhard Grossgasteiger 🇮🇹

Joined: January 06, 2017
Views: 3,674,302,924
Downloads: 10,688,447

“Never buy a KIT-ZOOM-OBJECTIVE as the first lens on your camera. Any standard 50mm lens is better by far!” — Eberhard Grossgasteiger

Mathias P.R. Redding 🇫🇷

Joined: January 13, 2018
Views: 455,547,333
Downloads: 1,899,033

“If I can give one piece of advice it would be that you can make photography with anything, it starts with your phone. You shouldn’t think that you can't do photography because you don't have the necessary equipment. As long as you have the ideas, that’s the most important thing.” — Mathias P.R Redding

Mathilde Langevin 🇨🇦

Joined: September 27, 2020
Views: 172,815,790
Downloads: 1,034,579

“Make it FUN. If you don't enjoy what you’re shooting or who you're shooting for, it will quickly become a draining chore. Photography is a never-ending journey where you learn something new everyday—allow yourself to choose the projects you want to work on and make time to play with your camera just for fun.” — Mathilde Langevin

Micheile Henderson | Visual Stories 🇳🇱

Joined: July 17, 2017
Views: 415,525,039
Downloads: 2,241,778

“My one piece of advice to new photographers would be, do the work. If you really want to up your game, and take more successful photos then you need to put in the hours. It’s not simply talent that makes a good photographer, but experience, discipline and hard work. Even when I don’t have my camera with me I'm observing my surroundings and discovering things that can influence my photography. There’s so much to learn, and I think it's a never ending process. There is always something more to discover.” — Micheile Henderson

Allec Gomes 🇧🇷

Joined: April 14, 2017
Views: 140,337,528
Downloads: 777,996

“What helps me improve my skills in photography is to always be aware of what’s going on around me (i.e global, local and even personal events). I try to use those moments to produce art that resonates with me. For me, photography will always be the art we paint with lenses. I believe there is nothing more amazing than sharing detailed moments that go unnoticed in our daily lives, a glimpse of our personal universe to help inspire others.” — Allec Gomes

Klara Kulikova 🇷🇺

Joined: June 05, 2019
Views: 196,799,685
Downloads: 827,509

“Perhaps for me there is only one answer - don’t stop taking pictures. The world is beautiful, and if you see it, then show it to everyone.” — Klara Kulikova

Joshua Fuller 🇬🇧

Joined: September 29, 2016
Views: 394,186,776
Downloads: 1,832,462

“Don’t shoot the latest trend or copy what’s been done before, shoot media that you’re passionate about and create your story how you want it to be told.” — Joshua Fuller

Thank you to these 10 contributors and the entire Unsplash community. We are in awe of your creativity and generosity of over 3 million images. See you at the next milestone!

The Unsplash Team ❤️

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