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Celebrate Sustainability with Boxed Water Is Better

For every photo you submit to the Sustainability Topic, Boxed Water Is Better will plant two trees in U.S National forests on your behalf.

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In 2019, we saw a sharp rise in concern and appreciation for our planet — and this fight for good of the world around us was reflected on Unsplash with a surge of photography documenting everything from Extinction Rebellion protests to daily hikes down scenic trails.

And now, with the threat of COVID-19 bringing the world to a halt, we’ve had to find new ways to fight for and celebrate our planet. More and more people have been using the internet to show their love for our environment — from attending digital events for Earth Day, to sharing photographs of sunsets on the beach. Which is why we’ve teamed up with Boxed Water is Better to celebrate Sustainability from now until August 31.

Making a positive impact for our planet

Born out of the simple truth that our planet doesn’t need more plastic bottles — Boxed Water provides the purest water in the most sustainable way. Recently, they announced their product packaging is now 92% plant-based, the highest rate achieved in the industry to date. Considered a part sustainable water company, part philanthropic project — the Boxed Water brand has constantly found new ways to make a positive impact since their start in 2009.

One way they’ve been able to give back has been their #BetterPlanet initiative. When you take a picture with your favourite houseplant or tree, what you would name it, and what the name means to you — Boxed Water plants two trees on your behalf with the National Forest Foundation. So far, over one million trees have been planted, and they’re on the road to planting 1 million more!

Unsplash team posing with our favourite houseplants #BetterPlanet

Sustainability Topic with Boxed Water is Better

And now, we’re excited for Unsplash to take part in the #BetterPlanet initiative. We’re joining forces with Boxed Water to curate a special Sustainability Topic and celebrate our planet. So from epic shots of nature, to photographs of renewable energies, submit your best sustainability photos from now until August 31st for a chance to be featured in the Topic. And for every photo you contribute to the topic, Boxed Water will plant 2 trees in U.S National forests on your behalf, up to 5,000 trees.

How to submit to the Sustainability Topic

  • Head over to the new Sustainability Topic on Unsplash
  • Hit the “Submit to Sustainability” button
  • Submit any sustainability photos you’ve shot that meet our Submission Guidelines. Note, that these photos cannot have been previously uploaded to Unsplash.
  • Your photo(s) will be reviewed as usual, but with the extra opportunity to be selected by the Boxed Water is Better team to be featured in the Sustainability Topic and a higher chance of being promoted on the homepage Editorial feed.

The Topic will be updated daily with your shots of the environment around you, recycling, peaceful moments in nature, sustainable products and more. Plus, we’ll be featuring our favourite submissions from the Topic through our newsletter and social when the Topic ends.

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